Name: Mary Ann Raven
Born: About 1851 in Keswick Ridge, New Brunswick
Died: 17 January 1899 in Auburn, Maine
Buried: Oak Hill Cemetery, Auburn, Maine


The oldest member of the second generation! Until we get some definitive information on William Neal Raven's parents, I'm calling him and his wife Hannah Jane, Generation 1. 

I have not seen Mary Ann's birth record, but all sources indicate that she was born in New Brunswick, Canada around 1851. On the 1861 Canada Census of Douglas, New Brunswick, she was living with her parents at the age of 10. See line 1162 in the following image:

1861 Canada Census - Douglas, NB
1861 Canada Census — Douglas, New Brunswick

Presumably, William and Jane moved the whole family to Mapleton, Maine where Mary Ann then met her future husband, as on the 1870 census, she is living in Mapleton, is married to William Henry Goodhue, and has given birth to her first child, Frederick Brown Goodhue. The Goodhues appear on the same census page (family #44) as her parents and younger sibling, so presumably, they were fairly close neighbors:

1870 US Census - Mapleton, ME
1870 US Census — Mapleton, Maine

Over the next decade, Mary and William had two more children, daughters Ida Jean, in 1871, and Aimee, in 1879, and relocated to Castle Hill, Maine. The family of five appears on the 1880 census there (see lines 12–16 in the image below). For what it's worth (which isn't much), it says that her father, William Neal was born in New Brunswick (which isn't likely).

1880 US Census - Castle Hill, ME
1880 US Census — Castle Hill, Maine

Mary Ann lost her 16-year-old son, Frederick Brown Goodhue, on 29 January 1885 in Presque Isle, Maine. The remaining family moved south from Presque Isle to Auburn, Maine around 1890. Her husband, William Henry Goodhue, died of a heart attack presumably while at work on 17 March 1891 in Lewiston, Maine.

Mary Ann also didn't make it to the next census in 1900, having passed away on 17 January 1899 in Auburn, due to pleuropneumonia. Her death record:

Mary Ann Goodhue death record 1899
Maine Death Record — Mary A. Goodhue

The equivalent of an obituary appeared in the Lewiston and Auburn news section of the Sun:

Mary Ann Goodhue Obituary
Obituary of Mary A. Goodhue in The Sun Journal, 18 January 1899

Mary Ann died just 5 months before her daughter Ida Jean Goodhue's marriage to Hebert C. Royal on 21 June 1899. The back of Ida's marriage record gives a more specific place of birth for Mary Ann than previous records, did: "Keswick, NB," which likely refers to Keswick Ridge, New Brunswick.

Ida Goodhue and Herbert Royal marriage record 1899 (back)
Marriage Record — Ida Jean Goodhue and Herbert C. Royal

Mary Ann and William were buried in Oak Hill Cemetery in Auburn, Maine. 

Gravestone - W. H. and Mary A. Goodhue
Gravestone — W. H. and Mary A. Goodhue
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